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The Swiss Federal Office of Civil aviation awarded ARCS and its cooperation partner, ACR Aviation Capacity Resources AB ( with a key consultancy contract concerning the development of a draft strategy for Switzerland’s airspace and aviation infrastructure.

FOCA has been mandated to undertake a holistic re-organisation of Swiss airspace and the aviation infrastructure using a "clean sheet approach" and a key deliverable of this process is to develop the main strategic directions which can be applied to achieve the desired future state of the Swiss aviation system (

The selection in July 2020 of the ARCS/ACR consortium confirms that the selected pool of local and international expertise and experience within these organizations is well fitted to achieve the goal to deliver a visionary, innovative and yet pragmatic strategy draft to FOCA.

Please note that this strategy document presents the ARCS/ACR Strategy for the Swiss Aviation Infrastructure, which was developed within the context of the AVISTRAT program,  but should not be confused with the AVISTRAT-CH strategy. The work to finalize the final AVISTRAT-CH strategy is still ongoing and information concerning this process can be found here:

For further information please contact:

ACR: Marek Bekier: E-Mail:

ARCS: Michel Guillaume: +41 58 934 67 93, E-Mail: