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Switzerland, unlike other European countries, did not have a national competence center for aviation research until mid-2017. The Swiss aviation sector, though, requires greater innovation if it intends to further improve its efficiency, safety and environmental performance. That’s why the Swiss Federal Council, in its aviation policy report published in 2016, called for the creation of such a center that would work in close cooperation with the aviation industry and public authorities.

The ZHAW School of Engineering’s Center for Aviation (ZAV), the University of St. Gallen’s Center for Aviation Competence (CFAC) and the Chair of Management of Network Industries (MIR) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) founded the Aviation Research Center Switzerland (ARCS) on June 30, 2017. The University of Zurich (UZH) joined the organization shortly thereafter, and ARCS today is open to other colleges and universities that are capable of providing scientific contributions.

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) supports the activities and projects undertaken by ARCS and is a guest member of the ARCS Innovation Board.

The ARCS Innovation Board ensures cooperation between academia and industry. It discusses all projects and grants them authorization to proceed. It monitors ongoing research and development projects and evaluates new topics and priorities. The dialogue cultivated by the Innovation Board ensures that research projects enjoy broad support and that their findings get put into actual practice.

ARCS’s objectives are:

- to coordinate aviation research activities at universities and to promote training and continuing education pursuant to the Swiss Federal Council’s aviation policy report (Lupo 2016);

- to plan and execute value-adding research and development projects in close cooperation with the aviation industry and the FOCA with the aim of positioning Switzerland as an important center for aviation research (Lupo 2016);

- to enable participation in international projects such as HORIZON 2020 and Clean Sky 2 as well as in projects with EU partners for the purpose of increasing Switzerland’s attractiveness.

The above objectives are to be pursued in close cooperation with the aviation industry and Switzerland’s Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) with the aim of strengthening Switzerland’s status as an innovative research site.

Dr. Hans Werder

Former Secretary General of DETEC

Dr. Andreas Wittmer

Vice Chairman
Managing Director of the University of St. Gallen Center for Aviation Competence

Prof. Dr. Michel Guillaume

Managing Director
Head of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences Center for Aviation

Prof. Dr. Oliver Ullrich

Director of the UZH Innovation Cluster Space and Aviation at the University of Zurich

Dr. Robert Giezendanner-Thoben

Director of Industry Affairs, EPFL Lausanne

Prof. Dr. Anthony Patt

Professor of Climate Policy at the Institute for Environmental Decisions, ETH Zurich
Aero-Club der Schweiz Yves Joël Burkhardt, General Secretary
AEROSUISSE Thomas Hurter, President
armasuisse W+T Dr. Thomas Rothacher, Director Science and Technology S+T
CAT Aviation AG Helene Niedhart, CEO
EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Matthias Suhr, Director
Flughafen Zürich AG Stefan Tschudin, COO
Genève Aéroport Dr. André Schneider, Directeur général
Heer Andrea Marrazzo, Head of Competence Center Drones and Robotics
Luftwaffe Peter Merz, Commander Airforce
RUAG AG Bas Gouverneur, Head Innovation & Technology
Schweizerische Rettungsflugwacht Rega Ernst Kohler, CEO
skyguide - swiss air navigation services ltd Dr. Goetz Ardey, Chief Development Officer
swiss aeropole SA Dr. Peter Kupferschmied, Executive Chairman
Swiss Aerospace Cluster Roland Hengartner, President
Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. Ronald Abegglen, Public Affairs
Swiss SkyLab Foundation Martin Gerber, Foundation Council
Swissport International AG Andreas Keller, Managing Director Switzerland & France

Prof. Dr. Michel Guillaume

Managing Director
Head of ZHAW Center for Aviation

Nina Malagoli

Assistant Managing Director
Assistant to Head of ZHAW Center for Aviation